About Us

Shamballa, Body Jewellery, Silver Rings, Silver Jewellery.

We are third generation Jewellers, the business being started originally by our Grandparents Mr & Mrs Hart. Grandfather Mr Fred Hart was a Manufacturing Jeweller who served his time in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarters and Grandma was a Diamond sorter.

Next Generation was our Parents Mr and Mrs Holmes, Father Raymond Holmes was an exceptional watch repairer and Mother Mr's Doreen Holmes was brought up in the Jewellery Trade and had bought and sold Jewellery from a very early age.

The Business partnership is now owned by David & Mark Holmes who are brothers. David joined the Business in 1973 and Mark in 1983.

Getting British Business Online
 we have a massive range of Silver now as Gold has gone too expensive or is poorly made if not! Also the latest in Surgical Steel jewellery that is very hard wearing and modern. Check out our products page for an up to date view of our latest products.. sorry no on-line sales yet as we are just creating this site. Come in and visit us at Harts Jewellers Market Hall Barrow in  Furness, for that personal service a web site cant give.

 Top quality without paying massive hiked prices for a name. Same quality and often better quality, great after sales and you deal direct with the owners.

Have the more pleasurable experience of seeing and touching the item not just look at a photo. Also being able to ask about the product and see the full range to compare. 

Rather than the impersonal experience of buying online. As you don't know what it really looks like, the true quality, or even if it is genuine. 

Harts Jewellers where the clever people shop!